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Urban gardening
just got a whole lot easier.

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of the average US household’s carbon footprint from food occurs in the production phase
miles is the average total life-cycle supply chain distance that food travels before reaching the end consumer in the USA

The challenge

Our food systems are broken.

Our environment is in a state of disarray.

Our cities are almost entirely detached
from the nature they rely on
for just about everything.

Urbanites are the majority of
the world’s population, yet they’re categorically
deprived of their connection to
the food they eat & the nature they need.

…we’re changing that.

0 calories of fossil fuel energy used:<br />
calories of food produced
calories of fossil fuel energy used:
calories of food produced

What We Do

We’re revolutionizing urban food systems & empowering sustainability by challenging traditional notions of space use.

We believe that:

  • urbanization should include nature;
  • food production should include the end consumer; and
  • everyone is entitled to take control of the food they eat, the air they breathe and the life they live.

So we’ve created a fool-proof, at-home personalized vertical farming experience to bring nature to city-dwellers and ensure a new kind of urban lifestyle:
where life grows on concrete & every meal is as “local” as it gets.

We're Going Global

Our first-generation technology was such a huge hit that we decided to take it to the next level.

With a customer dropout rate under 5%, over 1500 m² of vertical gardens installed and 300 platforms installed in Bosnia-Herzegovina, we decided it was time to upgrade our technology and have Rootically go global.

platforms installed
in the pilot phase


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