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Our Technology

The Rootically experience is designed to be effortless and fool-proof. That’s why we’ve made everything as simple as possible, with totally automated vertical farming platforms, simple plug&play plant capsules and an easy-to-use mobile app to tie it all together!

Farming Platforms

Using our proprietary technology, we’ve designed vertical farming platforms that are totally modular, easily scalable and fully automated (yes, that includes full spectrum LED, IoT technology and automated irrigation).

Just install on any free wall (or as a free-standing structure) in under 10 minutes, put water in the reservoir and you’re ready to start growing.

Plant Capsules

Choose from our diverse array of plug&play plant capsules and grow anything from nutritious microgreens to air-cleaning plants. (Or, just some plain old flowers and succulents to make a grey space greener.)

Choose from over 100 plant types across our 6 different plant lines (“microgreens,” “fruits & veggies,” “salads,” “herbs,” “aesthetics” & “environmentals”) to meet all your urban gardening needs.

Our plant capsules are formulated with an all natural, water-retentive substrate, slow-release fertilizer beads and targeted nutrient formulations to ensure optimal plant growth. Everything you need is already in there, just plug the capsule into the platform, watch your Rootically garden grow and enjoy your greens.

(Seriously… it’s that easy.)

Rootically App

And, finally, the Rootically mobile application, aka “the brains” behind our system.

The Rootically app interacts directly with your farming platform to let you know how your plants are doing, remind you when it’s harvest time and provide fun facts along the way. It’ll even help you tailor-make your plant selection to meet all of your different needs (say hello to daily microgreens smoothie bowls) and offer easy online ordering and delivery.

Seriously, urban gardening has never been easier.

Urban vertical gardening has never been easier.